1. Your Preparation

While you are still deciding on who to hire to build your website, I recommend gathering your content. Find pictures, videos and text that will give your audience a good idea of what you have to offer.  If you don’t have good photos, hire a photographer. Great images will set you apart online like nothing else.

2. Consultation

I learn everything I can about your business and what you want to accomplish.  We will go over what you offer and why you are better than your competition.  I will ask you a ton of questions and try to get at the core of the project.  The more thorough we are at this stage, the more successful we will be down the road.

3. Research

After I have a clear understanding of your business and I think we are a good fit, I go to work researching the best way to make your project a success. I also check out your industry and competition.  I look for ways to differentiate you from the pack and how best to help you rise to the top.

4. Proposal

Once I know the scope of the project and what it will take to make it a reality, you will receive a proposal. This will lay out a general plan of attack, how long I estimate the project to last and the cost.  I answer any questions you may have and once we agree to move forward, the project begins in earnest.

5. Development

I take your content along with what we learn in the research phase and build your website. All of the functionality and design elements go into production. Once you approve of the site, I spend about a week and test every page, link, line of text, etc.  I want it to be free of technical errors before we launch it to the world.

6. Testing and Launch

With development complete and the OK from you, I spend several days testing the site to make sure everything works perfectly.  From links to spelling I go through every page and every element on the front and back end to make sure no errors slip by.  Once testing is complete, we make the website public.

Optimization and Support

Your site is live and bringing in business but it shouldn’t stop there.  Ongoing content development will help bring in even more business and establish you as a leader in your industry.  Careful monitoring of traffic to your site will help you make the right adjustments and craft the right content.

It is critical that you also keep the software up to date and the entire site backed up on a regular basis.